One of America’s Most Successful “Church Growth” Plans


There are numerous books, conferences, and websites devoted to church growth. One of the underlying themes of many of these sites is the presumption that churches need to change in order to grow. We’re all for a few less of those lime JELL-O and shredded carrot salads at potlucks, but before we assume everything ought to change, consider the Amish. In 1920, there were only about 10,000 of them.
By 1941, there were 21,000 Amish in America.

By 1971, the Amish population reached 50,000, and has been doubling every 19-20 years since that time.

The Amish reject mandatory education in state schools, and eventually won their battle to be excluded from Social Security. Persecution against their views and lifestyle have caused waves of Amish emigration to new states. Current estimates place the population well above a quarter of a million Amish in America today, living in 28 states. All this without a website. Go figure.