Leben magazine is a publication of City Seminary of Sacramento.

The conviction of City Seminary is that every major metropolitan area in the United States should have a theological center where men can be trained and prepared for the gospel ministry without having to relocate to another area. At City Seminary, we want to make seminary education as accessible as possible for the greatest number of students. We believe that God has called us to minister to the churches in the Sacramento area in this way. Our goal is to provide a classical theological seminary education for ministerial candidates and to offer continuing theological education for those already active in the ministry.

The seminary offers programs leading to the degrees of Associate of Theological Studies, Master of Theological Studies (2-year); Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Divinity (4-year); and, Certificates in Apologetics, Church History, New Testament, Old Testament, Systematic Theology and Pastoral Theology.

Leben magazine primary mission is to tell the stories of the Protestant Reformation and those that have followed in their footsteps. It is also our mission to support and publicize the ministry of City Seminary.