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Volume 9 Issue 4, Oct-Dec 2013


Life As Metaphor

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances”

The notion that we are part of a story is offensive to the post-modern mind, suggesting antecedent being and purpose. The reality, of course, is that we matter at all precisely because we are part of God’s narrative.

In a bow to one of Shakespeare’s most famous metaphors, we consider the time which Jackie Robinson spent on the national stage, along with his mentor Branch Rickey, taking special note to see how even baseball had a role to play in God’s sanctifying work, using a game to heal deep wounds.

Jackie Robinson and “Mahatma”—Rickey’s baseball nickname—were important to baseball, but they were far more important as a story of Christian character, and perseverance in adversity. While Rickey was a devout Methodist, his Christian faith transcended denominational lines, and his story became one which Christians of all stripes have embraced. He joined with prominent Presbyterians and Baptists, among others, in founding the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, one of several ecumenical organizations he co-founded, while his sojourn with Robinson changed a game, and a nation.

If Korea was the forgotten war, then surely the Koreans are the forgotten martyrs. Through wave after wave of persecutions, the Christians of Korea have not only survived, but prospered, thanks in no small part to the labors of men such as missionary Bruce Hunt.

In this issue, we’ll find out why we have an 18th Century preacher to thank for our modern email spam filters. We’ll consider the profoundly moving notion that God would prepare an English-speaking Native American to walk from the forest into the Pilgrim settlement, and save them from starvation and extinction. And finally, we’ll revisit that precious moment in time when the “Silent Night” wafting over the opposing trenchlines brought a World War to a temporary truce. We hope you will find these remembrances as poignant and bittersweet as we have.


On the Cover
“Sleeping Seminick” (detail) by Graig Kreindler. 24 x 32 in., oil on linen, 2010. A special thank you to Graig Kreindler, “The Painter of the National Pastime,” for letting us use his painting of Jackie Robinson. His award-winning sports work has appeared in juried shows and museums nationwide, as well as having been featured in nationally distributed books, newspapers, magazines, and on both Internet and television featurettes. Visit him at

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The Oct-Dec 2013 issue includes these articles:

  • Number 42 and the “Mahatma” of Baseball
  • The Bruce Hunt Story
  • Spam Filters and Predestination: What are the Odds?
  • The Conversion of Robinson Crusoe
  • An Unlikely Thanksgiving
  • The Carol that Stopped a War