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Volume 9 Issue 2, Apr-Jun 2013


Saints and Slavers, Sinners All

Now that we are safely past the celebration of “St. Patrick’s Day,” we thought it might be interesting to look at the real Patrick of Ireland. His story is likely similar to hundreds of others whose missionary endeavors bore much fruit, but who are unremembered simply because they didn’t keep a diary. Not to worry, there is a day coming when every story shall be told.

While most modern evangelicals are somewhat familiar with the slave ship history of John Newton, author of “Amazing Grace,” the actual chronology of his coming to faith is a much truer picture of how sanctification is a process, and often not a pretty one.

The 2013 visit of Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring” to San Francisco’s de Young Museum also brought our attention to another less-famous work depicting the family and nanny of a Presbyterian minister, a pastor who holds the dubious distinction of being burned in effigy—twice.

We’ll follow the tragic tale of the ambitious, but bungling, Frederick V whose rash and unwise actions led to defeat at White Mountain, and the infamous Thirty Year War. His defeat should serve humbled warning to all Protestant leaders who confuse personal glory with that of their Lord.

And finally, we expand our “Sectarians in America” series to include Jamaica’s Rastafari, whose odd distinctives include cannabis, kosher laws, and worship of the late Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. We also found evidence to suggest that Rastafari’s most celebrated adherent, singer Bob Marley may not have died a Rasti, at all.

In short, in this issue we intersect with the lives of a number of individuals whose profession and actions, like our own, are often at odds with one another. May their examples be a cautionary tale.


On the Cover
Slave in chains, c. 1820, oil on board. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

The Apr-Jun 2013 issue includes these articles:

  • The Slaver
  • Two Untold Stories
  • Sectarians in the Americas: The Rastafari
  • The Baptism of Bob Marley
  • From Reggae to the Cross
  • The Search for Patrick of Ireland
  • The Fall of the Winter King