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Volume 7 Issue 3, Jul-Sep 2011


Chief Among Sinners

There are many publications that exist today to debate the nuances of theology, and here at Leben, we surely have our theological predispositions, but our primary mission is to remind modern day believers of our shared history. By focusing on the lives and deeds, as well as the failings, of our predecessors in the faith, we may more clearly see beyond our Twenty-first Century noses. And see we must, if we are ever to escape the narcissism and self-indulgence of our age.

When Paul declares that he is chief among sinners, he shows us how a truly redeemed individual will react when confronted with the perfect righteousness and holiness of God. The question today is not whether we lack godly humility in this distracting age, but whether we can even discern that we lack it. Indeed, arrogance and pride are the very hallmarks of modern religious charlatanism, as is clearly evident when we revisit in this issue the wildly erroneous predictions of the date-picking doomsayers. While we only scratch the surface, we hope that we present enough examples of date-setting nonsense so that no denomination may think itself immune from such religious hucksterism.

We also bring you a series of vignettes from the hills of Bohemia where Europe first saw the light on the horizon hearkening the dawning of Reformation. We trust that we have sugarcoated neither the play nor the players, but that in showing the failings of these early “pre-Reformers,” we might better understand that their achievements were the Lord’s doing. From Hus to Zeska to Good Queen Anne, we see extraordinary people who simply did not start out that way. May their examples open our eyes to the paths to which our Lord may be calling us in our own age, and may we have the courage to follow those paths. Only then will we someday be able to say with Paul “I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course.”


On the Cover
Zizka and the Hussites by Milan Fibiger, www.milanfibiger.com

The July-September 2011 issue includes these articles:

  • Jan Zizka and the Hussite Wars
  • The Royal Wedding 1382: Anne of Bohemia
  • The Doomsayers: Datesetters wrong … again
  • The Moravians
  • Uzbek Photography
  • The Death of Wat Tyler
  • The Bush Preacher
  • The Windtalker’s Bible