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Volume 6 Issue 4, Oct-Dec 2010



Words have remarkable power, and we must therefore use them carefully. In this issue, we deal with turbulent times in which words that seem harsh and alien to the modern ear were nevertheless commonly employed by friend and foe alike. “Lutheran,” “roundhead” and “Lollard” were terms of contempt that soon became primary descriptors. To some extent the same was true of the word “papist,” which was as often as not less a slander and more a convenient word to distinguish between Henry VIII’s high church Anglicans and the high church Roman Catholics (both opposed by the Presbyterians, “non-Conformists” and “Puritans”). We have retained the terms in context because to omit or sanitize them would cause us to see the passions of the times less clearly, and thus to risk drawing the wrong conclusions in choosing our own words.

While we have no interest in arming modern-day readers with new terms of invective, we also believe that the language of the times sheds important light upon the personalities and conflicts of our protagonists, including the irascible August Toplady, the precise and charming Olympia Morata, every Christian’s martyr Hugh Latimer, and the patriarch of the Roosevelt’s, Theodore, Sr.

To this end we offer in this issue a series of vignettes of—as always—flawed individuals living not by words, but by the Word that must ever be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.


On the Cover
Theodore Roosevelt Sr. by Daniel Huntington, 1884. Courtesy of Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, National Park Service.

The October-December 2010 issue includes these articles:

  • Theodore Roosevelt Sr.
  • Olympia Morata
  • Augustus Toplady
  • Hugh Latimer: Preacher of the Word
  • The Paul Schneider Buchenwald Letters: The Final Chapter