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Volume 4 Issue 1, Jan-Mar 2008


“A rebellious monk and a runaway nun….”

Katie Luther remains one of the most delightful personages of the early Reformation, every bit the match for her more well-known husband. In this issue, we bring you the first of a two-part biography of a life that spanned some of the most eventful moments in history.

Providentially, the tiny village of Wittenberg would also be home to Lucas Cranach, “Painter of the Reformation.”  Cranach was not only a gifted artist, but a co-laborer with Luther and Melancthon in producing devastatingly effective broadsides that illustrated the corruptions of the existing Church establishment. His portrait of the young Magdalena Luther graces our cover and no doubt remained a bittersweet reminder to her grieving parents who gave her back to God at an early age.

The recent death of Johjte Vos, grand-daughter of the legendary Dutch statesman and theologian Abraham Kuyper, reminds us not only of her courage during the Second World War, but also how the Lord uses us despite our human failings and doubts.

We also are pleased to share a vignette of Theodore Beza at the seminal Colloquy of Paris, along with a warm biographical sketch of hymnist Philip Doddridge and “Missionary ot the Arabs,” Samuel Zwemer. As we begin our fourth year of publication, we continue to be amazed at the breadth and depth of the wonderful stories that we discover, or in some cases, rediscover. While we rejoice to bring you stories of the famous, we freely confess as Protestants that we are often more awed by the untold courage of the everyday lives of God’s people.

May He continue to bless you and yours in this New Year.


On the Cover
Magdalena Luther, Lucas Cranach the Elder

The January-March 2008 issue includes these articles:

  • Katie Luther (Part I)
  • Lucas Cranach: Painter of the Reformation
  • Johjte Vos: Profiles in Faith
  • Philip Doddridge
  • In the Den of Lions: Beza at Poissy
  • Samuel Zwemer: Missionary to the Arabs