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Volume 3 Issue 1, Jan-Mar 2007


Of Such Stones…

With this issue, Leben embarks upon its third year of publication. We’re thankful that the Lord has continued to bless our efforts, as evidenced by the notes we receive from you, our readers, as well as the broadening base of subscribers. We have even begun to show signs of “respectability,” as theological and university libraries across the country have added Leben to their list of subscriptions.

Still, what is most encouraging to our all-volunteer team at Leben are the constant reminders that the history of God’s covenant mercies to His people is a shared history. While we are separated by language, denomination and tradition, we can be informed, encouraged and comforted by reading the stories of our cousins “down the street” or, for that matter, across the globe. Recently, for example, we received a request from a Presbyterian group in Brazil asking permission to translate Leben articles into Portuguese for distribution online. (We quickly said “Yes,” of course.)

The interconnections of our histories are again revealed as we turn to the current issues’ list of subjects. We read the story of Anna Bullinger, wife to Heinrich Bullinger, correspondent of Philip Sidney, friend of John Casimir, who led his armies to the defense of the Huguenots, etc. But our entire “history” did not cross to the New World from the Old. Oftentimes, it was only a small patch of the whole cloth, a few threads of the garment which, in New World soil, became the whole. These transplanted communities tended to cling to language and tradition—which has a healthy side—but which all too often competed with the message of the Gospel and made evangelism a moot point.

Yet, out of such stones the Lord has built His Church. At Leben, we seek to tenderly unearth these precious stories of trial and faith and share them with one another, in hopes that we may grow closer together in the body of Christ. As we begin Year Three, we extend our sincerest thanks for your support of our efforts.


On the Cover
Bible Reading in the Tower of Constance (1907) by Jeanne Lombard. Courtesy of Musée du Désert, Mialet, France.

The January-March 2007 issues includes these articles:

  • Marie Durand: Prisoner of Conscience
  • Philip Sidney
  • “More Love To Thee”: Elizabeth Prentiss
  • Lemuel Haynes
  • Debrecen
  • Anna Bullinger